IFS already uses hypnosis


May 08, 2016 #1

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which the critical faculty of the human is bypassed, and selective thinking established. [Dave Elman, Hypnotherapy, 1964: 26]

Good Hypnotists know that just about anything can be used for an induction, all that's needed is bypassing the critical factor. Anything that forces the conscience mind to concede that something is happening beyond their comprehension will do. The is no question that having someone talk to their parts easily qualifies. While it would be easy to transform this into a formal induction should one desire, the practical application is more limited if your client is not expecting it. Knowing that your client has bypassed the critical factor does help to open themselves up to suggestion. I think the entire process of exiles unburdening is through the power of suggestion. I am not a hypnotist, although I have learned the techniques informally. I would be very curious to hear what actual hypnotherapists have to say about it.