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May 08, 2016 #1

Who is Zev Bader? Can you kindly iintroduce yourself? Are you a IFS trainer? A practitioner? A therapist? What do you see as the purpose of this forum? What is your vision for it?

The address given in the solicitation email is in Israel, so I assume you want to reach a world wide audience. Is that true?

Is the forum only for therapists?
Can someone who is interested in IFS but who has taken no courses or workshops -- be a member?

And anything else you would like us to know...


May 08, 2016 #2

Thank you so much for asking.

I was a Rabbinical student who 25 years ago began working with troubled teenagers in my community in Cleveland Ohio. I moved with my family to Jerusalem in August of 2001 where I continue to work in a religious school, working with students as well as running their IT and various programming.

I became an IFS therapist in 2012.

My vision for the forum is simple. I know that I have made many discoveries while working with my clients (and myself for that matter) beyond the wonderful training provided by my teachers. I am certain that everyone else has as well. I want this to be a place where ideas are shared and discussed. Sometimes new ideas are wrong, and by putting them out there others can point out the error. For me it's all about getting to the truth, and helping others.

The forums are for anyone, anywhere in the world, and anyone can join. Although therapists will gain the most from it, the IFS model has already been marketed to the public as a solution for anyone who wants to be 'self'-led, this forum should be no different. The only difference is the therapists-only section for discussing cases; that requires a separate sign-up to ensure patient confidentiality.

I hope this answers everything, and once again thank you for your questions.
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