The Danger of a Great Session


Jun 26, 2016 #1

So you had a great first session with your new client. You earned the trust of the target part, unburdened it's exile, invited in positive, and reset all of the parts. Your client can expect real change in his behavior going forward. What could be better?

But there is a common pitfall that may arise from this great work. The client may go home and find himself hearing voices that he hasn't heard before. Suddenly he is facing unfamiliar protectors, and they are strong. What happened, and how do we prepare our client for it?

I like to end such a session describing to my client the following scenario. Imagine a room full of screaming children. The children are clustered up in groups throughout the room, each group louder than the next. Now imagine you walk into this room and choose out the loudest group. You work to calm them down, and when you are done the group is calmly coloring by a table. What would you hear now? The next loudest group. Although they have not raised their voices, they are heard now for the first time due to the loudest group's sudden silence. Their voices are heard clearly for the first time. But they are not new; rather they are the next group that needs your attention in a room that is on it's way to being under control.

I tell the client to be prepared for it, and see it as a sign of progress. And if they need to, of course they can give me a call. Once you have prepared them however, you will almost never receive that call.
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